Friday, March 14, 2008

Evolution of a Fairy Tale

I was just thinking about that "theory" called evolution... allow me to vent for a few minutes and don't be shy with the comments.

Do you know that on the biochemical level every single step of evolution - be it classic Darwinian or neo-Darwinian, or even Stephen Jay Gould & Niles Eldredge's Punctuated Equilibrium - is a statistical impossibility. Each step, and there would be trillions upon trillions, would be on the level of miraculous, which naturalistic science is doing their best to stay away from when it comes to anything but their precious evolution.

Ok, imagine you wake up tomorrow and decide to play the California State Lottery. The odds of winning are almost as good if you don't play. But you do. You buy one ticket and you win one million dollars. You do the same tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day. In a few years science finds out how to extend our lifespan by a million years. So you play and win every day until you die, one million and thirty-one for me.

This is so absurd that no one would ever believe a story like this. The odds of biological evolution happening are far, far worse, and yet people believe it. The reason people believe it is because they are told to, or because they fear the alternative - namely and omnipotent God. Our textbooks are full of outright lies and evidence which has been proven wrong for over forty years in some cases, and yet here we are. Evolution, being taught as fact. It's not a fact. In fact, according to the very discipline scientists follow it can not be a fact.

Here's why:

The study of origins, including evolution, can prove nothing. It is forensic science, which tries to deduce how something may have happened. But there is never a certainty. There is a point where a thing can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but evolution is on the opposite end of the spectrum from that. Evolution, scientifically, can not be a fact. It is a "theory" at best, which is a stretch of the definition. Honestly, it's an idea. It is an idea about origins which was popularized by Mr. Darwin and has since become accepted as fact. We have no more evidence for evolution than Darwin had. We actually have less. With the fields of paleontology, genetics, biochemistry, biology and cosmology, to name a few, we have seen Darwin's ideas smashed to bits. Nevertheless, evolution marches forward.

If you are reading this and going, "what an idiot, evolution is a proven fact" the burden of proof is on you. I am saying you are wrong. I am giving reasons why you are wrong. I can give many, many more but no one would read the blog if it were that long. I'm not trying to be a jerk about it. I just want people to believe things because they have studied them out for themselves. This includes my faith. I would never tell someone "just believe". If someone is going to believe something they should know why they do.

Thanks for reading. Questions, comments, click the button that allows you to comment and shoot. Just know that I am not interested in debating for the sake of debating. I am simply presenting what I believe to be truth. If you honestly want to dialogue in a mature, adult manner, cool. But, if you are one of those God-hating atheists who can't find anything better to do than flame message boards with childish, filthy language, you are wasting your time posting here. Just keep it mature and all is well.

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