Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hashtag: The Human Team - Part Two

Today we find ourselves hovering, like Chinese Lanterns being mistaken for extraterrestrial spacecraft by folks with generally questionable reputations, in week two of my “Hashtag: The Human Team” (#thehumanteam) blog series, where I endeavor to encourage my fellow man (and women, and children! Sure. Why not? They're people too!) to stop racing and start teaming up (#thehumanteam)!

We’re here to talk about subjects which all but the most heartless and/or idiotic among us can agree upon. Like the fact that peanut butter and chocolate are a delicious combination in almost every situation; or that Netflix’s Daredevil is the best superhero show of ALL time, including future time and alternate time; or that Vegemite is just plain bloody disgusting and is not fit for human consumption, no matter how despicable that human may be; or that Lindsey Lohan should play Bernie in a Weekend at Bernie’s remake; or that Ian Somerhalder looks nothing like Tom Selleck; or that The A-Team should never have been rebooted for the big screen, but instead someone should pay me to write an ongoing adventures of The A-Team comic book series. I’d call it, “The Ongoing Adventures of The A-Team Comic Book Series.” A little long, I guess. Maybe just “The A-Team Comic Book.” What do you think?

Last week we looked at human trafficking, and pretty much everyone agreed it was bad. That one guy who didn't agree is not allowed back on the Internet. But I suspect he'll probably just come on under a pseudonym. Them’s the breaks, I guess. Keep an eye out for him. He’ll be the one who looks just like the devil.


What else? What else?

Let's see…

How about baby ducks?

“Baby ducks” you say?

Why yes, baby ducks! Or ducklings as someone called them once. I'm pretty sure most of us can agree that they're super cute. The cutest? Probably not. But still pretty darn cute.

What's that you say? Your crazy uncle Keith was eaten by baby ducks…. to death?!

Well, who did you hear that from?

Your crazy uncle Keith? Well, how could he still be telling you stories if he's dead cause of being eaten by baby ducks?

Holy crap! Your dead-cause-he-was-eaten-by-baby-ducks crazy uncle Keith’s ghost has been telling you crap…. From beyond the grave?! That's messed up. If I were you I'd hire someone to bust that ghost, but that’s just me. Some people think crazy uncle ghosts who died by being eaten to death by baby ducks are cute. We’re all different. No judgment here.

But seriously, baby ducks. Cute, right?

Until next time, I am James and this is the View from Here.

Peace, love, and a third thing.

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