Monday, April 7, 2014

The "E" in PETA, Ethical or Evil?

It's the very first Hot Button Monday on the view from here, and have we (meaning I) got a controversial topic to really mash on that hot button of yours! How do you feel about........


I know, I know... You were expecting something controversial. We all love animals, right? So, shouldn't this topic be a no-brainer? We should all support PETA, because they're in it for those poor, voiceless, defenseless (aside from the teeth and claws, of course) cats and dogs, and tasty, tasty cows and chickens – shouldn't we?

Well, my fellow animal-loving friend, the answer to that question depends entirely upon the answer to another, more dramatically-worded, and therefore more urgent, question:

How does PETA really treat animals, hmmmmmmm?

A follow up, dramatically-worded question would be:

Is PETA in fact run by a gaggle of clinically-insane nutjobs?

I could really draw this out, stringing you along in hopes that you will fall madly in love with my intelligent and snarky, yet mirthful writing style, perhaps asking it to elope with you to luxurious Roswell, New Mexico for a UFO-themed honeymoon, but instead I'm just going to cut to the chase and give you the hard facts in the well-loved and succinct bullet-point format. Besides, my writing style is already involved. 

Each factoid in the bullet-points magically doubles as a hyperlink (cool word, right?) to a reliable source for each and every fact.

Well, there you have it, you intrepid fact-chaser, you. As always, I leave it up to you to do one of the following:
1)      Blindly believe everything I write
2)      Blindly ignore everything I write
3)      Click, click, click your way to enlightenment!

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