Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Did You Know.... Water Has Feelings?!

Well, not exactly. But if one researcher is correct then water does recognize the difference between what we would call good and bad, order and chaos, and it responds, when frozen, with ice crystals which seem to mirror the mood or even moral quality of whatever it was exposed to.

What the?!?!?!

That's right. Keep reading if you aren't one of those simple folk which are unconcerned with ridiculously cool crap.

Recent laboratory studies have demonstrated that water reacts differently to positive stimuli than it does negative stimuli. Dr. Masaru Emoto, not a creepy martial arts action movie villain, but a Japanese scientist, has subjected water samples to a wide array of music, spoken words, and even written words, which are both positive and negative, ordered and chaotic, good and evil, in nature, and then immediately subjects them to very low temperatures, freezing them. The resulting crystallization process showed that the water samples which were exposed to the "nice" thoughts, expressed through the above mediums, produced beautiful and complex crystal patterns. Conversely, the samples that underwent abuse through "mean" words and harsh music produced ugly, incomplete, chaotic crystals.

Essentially, when you try to make water mad, sad, or just annoyed, it responds accordingly with ice crystals that mirror those sentiments. But, being nice to water by playing pleasant music and speaking kind, loving words to it, causes it to give what seems to be a happy and approving response in its crystallization. But that's not the most amazing aspect of Dr. Emoto's experiments.

The good doctor discovered that even writing words on a note and wrapping it around the vial containing the water sample yielded the same results. Now, I'm no water-specialist or anything, but I'm relatively sure that you have to have eyes and a brain, and of course be a sentient being, not to mention knowing the written language, in order to read. But water has proved me wrong once again... Curse you, water! When Dr. Emoto wrapped the vials with notes containing either "thank you" or "you fool" the frozen samples produced either lovely, ordered crystals or malformed, unattractive crystals.

If Dr. Emoto's results prove to be true the implications are literally (figuratively) earth-shaking. If water, for instance, could not only identify pleasant or unpleasant sounds, but also could discern between morally good and evil concepts, then there would be little the atheists could do to explain it away as naturalistic.

It should be noted that Dr. Emoto's findings are not exactly universally accepted. As you can imagine, those who don't want to believe in the supernatural are raging pretty furiously against his findings. To my knowledge, his work has not been peer reviewed, which isn't a surprise to me. Imagine a highly exaggerated version of that scenario playing out...

Dr. Emoto – Hello peers, I am Dr. Emoto and I have done experiments to show that water can, to some degree, sense morality, and that it responds to both positive and negative stimuli almost as if it possesses sentience. Could you honestly provide an unbiased, truthful peer review of my work?

Peers – To be candid, that is highly unlikely. 

Dr. Emoto – K, guess I'll just publish a book.

Peers – That's okay, we'll do our best to discredit you since your work isn't peer-reviewed. 

Dr. Emoto – But you just told me that you could not provide an unbiased review of my work.

Peers – Right.

Now, the above scenario never happened, and likely never would, because that would necessarily involve far more candor than is common within humanistic academia, but the fact is the scientific community, generally-speaking, possesses a strong bias in favor of naturalistic (i.e., non-supernatural) explanations for EVERYTHING. If you don't believe that it's time to open your eyes and crawl our of the cave you've been living in for the past two centuries, and then watch Ben Stein's Expelled.

Now that I've said all that, I'll be completely honest. I'm not convinced either. However much I would love for Dr. Emoto's findings to be true, the skeptic in me is extremely leery of taking this at face value. From what I understand there have been many others who have duplicated Dr. Emoto's results, and one guy is currently gathering funds to create and perform legitimate double-blind experimentation to either prove or disprove Dr. Emoto's findings.

Special thanks to Basil and Gonz at Canary Cry Radio for bringing this story to me attention. To listen to their podcast about Water just click "Water." Not the second one, dummy. The first one...
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