Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dirk Dastardly and Bloody Typewriters

I'm doing something here that I urge other bloggers against... I am posting something of a journal entry, which is a no-no in my book. Yes, I have a book. You can get it for free on Anazom. Anyway, it's more of an update for my readers than a journal entry, so I'll allow it.

Court dismissed.

I can't think of a good analogy for my current writing situation... So, let's just say my grubby fingers are typing on various models of vintage typewriters.

Not like the vintage typewriters I imagine hipster indie zine 'authors' pound away on while they wax their Dirk Dastardly mustaches and sip yerba matte from re-purposed porcelain. 

No, like the ones that nearly all pickers, American or otherwise, overlook because they have too much blood caked on them, or because they look to have been manufactured in the same factory as Medieval torture devices. 

What does all that mean? It means that I'm going a little crazy (like schizophrenic crazy) about writing in general. 

More specifically, it means I'm currently working on two television pilots, a couple of feature film scripts, several comic book scripts (to be painted by my BFF Craig, who is an amazing artist), several short story ideas for freelance work in fiction publications, a concept for a children's book (also to be painted by Craig), and of course, this all-too-oft neglected blog. 

The crazy thing is I'm actually checking projects off, one by one by one by one. 

Draft by draft. 

The other day Craig finished the first page of Devil's Corner P.I., our paranormal, dark comedy comic book. We're aiming for a late 2015 publishing date. 

One pilot is in second draft phase.

Our horror feature is a third written, but completely plotted. In fact, we have a trilogy loosely outlined.

And on and on. It's a really fun and truly rewarding phase of my life, and I just wanted to share with all four of you.

Why should you care? Well, that's a question each of you will have to answer for him or herself. This is the time for introspection, my faithful readers. And while you're at it, introspecting that is, why don't you tell me what you're up to? Write your own blog post and link it in my comments. Maybe, just maybe one of my four readers will become one of your three readers.

Peace, love, and some third thing.
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