Friday, May 2, 2014

The Carrot That Time Forgot

I am the carrot
That time forgot
I was plucked from the ground
A long time ago
I was placed in a box
And set in a truck
And shipped to a warehouse 
Where it was, I don't know

I was given a shower
And bundled with friends
Then boxed once again
It was darker that time
We were loaded once more
And driven real far
To a store near the coast
Then, I guessed Anaheim

I sat on the shelf
For what seemed like a year
They must not have cared
About rotating stock
All things considered
It wasn't that bad
Air-conditioned and peaceful
And they played mostly Rock

Still, I was restless
I longed for a change
To be bought by some vegan,
Rabbit owner, or cook
At last, one fine day
My bundle was chosen
Freedom awaited
But I was forsook

For my bundle was taken
But I was held back
It was a celery stick
That would crush my last hope
I was devastated
I had lost my way out
But that very second
I was saved by a grope

The unlikeliest savior
A fat mustachioed guy
Had decided to get him
A healthy, orange snack
I thought maybe he
Had decided to diet
Lose some weight to prevent 
A bad heart attack

But when we got home
To his place, I was placed
On a rack in the fridge
And there I did stay
Well, it's been several years
Countless leftovers and beers
But in that guy's fridge
I remain to this day

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