Thursday, July 9, 2009

Foul-weather Fans

Sitting in Starbucks at the moment trying to tune out unwanted sounds. One of these audibly undesriables is a laptop computer playing what sounds like some of the more recent Michael Jackson songs. Apparently the owner of said laptop feels like it is her responsibility, or duty maybe, to assist everyone in the establishment in honoring the memory of the King of Pop by giving us all a sampling of his b-sides...

Now, I know I am supposed to be continuing the series on atheism and the other on taking up the cross, and I really do want to start posting editions of my blog-mic book about Nephilim and other fun, creepy stuff, but I don't have time for any of that right now with school and all. But what I do have time to do is complain...

Let me preface this by assuring all 2 of my readers that I am genuinely sorry for MJ that his life was cut off so early, and that he most likely is not in a better place. I also have genuine compassion for his family and friends who truly knew him and now truly miss him. Furthermore, I think he was an extremely talented performer and a gifted songwriter.

All that said...

I can't stand, not even a little bit, the myriad of people who all-of-a-sudden are #1 Michael Jackson fans. What the heck is happening? I really don't understand it at all. Watching the memorial service on the news (not on purpose - it was playing on the TVs at Time Warner Cable while I was paying my bill), I wondered if a president had also died and his funeral was on the same day in the same city. It's surreal.

Everywhere I go I hear his music: From the car next to me, on both sides, from homes and businesses, from laptops in Starbucks... I think his music is so thick in the airwaves that you don't even need a radio or computer to hear it.

The annoying thing though isn't that people are listening to the music; it's good music. The problem is the overnight tranformation of the masses from "couldn't care less about that pedophile and his music" (for the record, I don't believe he was a pedophile) and "oh, my gosh! What a bad person he is for holding his baby over a balcony" to "he was almost as amazing as President Obama!" (for the record, I think our president is anything and everything but amazing) and "his music changes lives and transforms souls!"

I am so sick of this. Someone please put a stop to it quickly.

Honor the man, fine, no problem. Play his music in memorial; but must you add to the already plethora of annoying sounds and music at Starbucks?

I can't concentrate for crying out loud!!!

By the hammer of Thor! USE EARPHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out

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